New life for your XP/Vista/ME computers!

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Hi – I’m a pro computer tech, and I have a proposal for you that is highly cost effective and ultra functional.

Do you have a Windows computer that is running – or can run, any version of Windows >before< Win7?  Win XP has just reached end of life cycle, Windows Vista was a shambles, and Windows Millennium was worse.

So what can you do with an old computer that still works, but has a funky OS, and doesn’t have the horsepower to run Win7?

You can use it as a doorstop, or throw it away, but I’m here to tell you some interesting news.

There’s a better way…

I can set that old computer up with a free and legal operating system from the Linux family.  The OS itself is free, and it only takes about three hours (tops) to set up.  It’s a fully functional OS, comes with a nice collection of web browsers, productivity software, games, media viewers and other goodies.  And you can add literally thousands more programs – all free.  It’s also >very< virus resistant.

Let me give you some background, so you can understand what is possible.

I work on three OS platforms, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.  Linux is (IMO) the gold standard for operating systems.  The versions I use are free, legal, 99.9% virus proof, and run rings around Windows in terms of speed!  They are also easy to install, easy to learn, and additional free (and legal) software for games, productivity, and anything you want, is available online at various software repositories (repos).

Linux is the popularized version of Unix, the OS that runs on many main-frame computers.  It’s way more solid and versatile than Windows.  A guy called Linus Torvalds re-wrote (part of) Unix for use on home (small) computers.  Since it was Linus’s Unix, it was quickly dubbed Linux, and the name stuck.  I don’t want to bore you with all the details, if you’re curious, check out the link below for mega-info.

I can rescue your data, wipe Widows, and install a kick-ass version of Linux on a computer in about three hours.  At my standard rate of $30/hr, that’s $90.  There’s a 10% discount for cash, that brings it down to $81.  A full re-install of Windows is at least eight hours – believe me, I’ve timed it!  What you get is essentially a new computer, and it comes with a full complement of all types of software.  All free, all legal, way faster than Windows will ever be – and more virus-proof as well.

What are the caveats?  Not many – the computer has to be physically OK.  Linux is software, it can’t fix hardware problems – although it can work around many of them.

You have to have a reasonably fast, working, Internet connection to make full use of Linux – but that’s true of any operating system.  You also have to learn a new graphical user interface (we call then GUIs) to do what  you’ve always done with your computer.  But a modern Linux GUI isn’t gooey at all – it’s simple to understand, fully functional, and ripping fast!  With Linux you can do >anything< that you can do with a Win/Mac computer.  Typically, you can also do it faster, and for free.

One major difference is that your support (and it is very good support) comes mostly from the Linux community online.  I once had a printing problem with a Linux computer, and posted a query to an online forum.  I had a correct answer back in 10 minutes, from a guy in Australia.  For free.  Linux users go out of their way to help other Linux users – especially newbies.  We help each other, because nobody else >can< help us.  And we have learned over the years to do it very well.

If you are down for getting your support from the worldwide Linux community, rather than your corner computer store, you will get amazing heartwarming help quickly.  And 99% of the time, for free.  In all the years I’ve worked with Linux, I’ve never had to pay for support from the online community.  It has always been graciously and generously given for free.  If you can post to a support forum, you can get it too.  And of course, I will help you as well, but this is how I make my living, so some support is free, but I have to strike a balance.  If you need more, my rate is $30/hr, with a 10% discount for cash.

There are over 600 different versions of Linux!  At first, the number of choices are staggering.  But I’ve spent years testing different versions, and learning them.  There are the common versions of Linux, like Ubuntu, Mint, and Mepis.  I can’t say I’ve met a version of Linux I didn’t like, but the one I like the best out of the dozen+ I’ve tried is called Puppy Linux.  Puppy is small, fast, full featured, compatible with both old and new computers, and enthusiastically supported by the Puppy community.  To learn more about Puppy Linux,please check out the link below.

To give you some idea of how >many< Linux distributions there are, look at the list at the link below.  And this list is by no means complete, new versions are constantly being created.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro to a video I did on YouTube:

“Puppy is an ‘amateur’ operating system – it is coded and maintained by the Puppy Linux community.  It is free and legal.  Forever.

“Puppy is not a ‘professional’ or commercial operating system.  But amateur comes from the Latin ‘amo’ – love.  An amateur is someone who does it out of love, from the heart.  A professional is someone who does it for money…  Which one do you think will be motivated to do a better job?”

The video itself is about how to create a bootable CD with Puppy, and it’s at:

With the death of XP, there are a >lot< of older computers that would benefit greatly from a Puppy implant. But those computers’ owners have to learn that such a thing is both possible, economical, and enjoyable. Puppy Linux is super fast, fun, clean, graceful, and easy to use.

I am so confident you’ll love Puppy Linux, that I’ll make you a great offer!  Bring your computer to me, and I will test it with Puppy at NO cost to you.  If it works, you can have me switch it immediately, or you can make an appointment to do so.  The test can be done by booting Puppy from a CD, as Puppy is a ‘live CD’ version of Linux, and will work directly from a CD or a USB drive, without having to be installed on the computer. It’s great for testing computers, and data rescue as well.

Puppy works on better than 90% of the computers I try it on.  If it doesn’t, I have other Linux OS versions to try.  All at NO cost to you, until you agree that I should install a version of Linux on your computer.  If you don’t agree, there is no cost at all.  If you do agree, your clock starts when you say “yes” – the test time is a free introduction to me and Linux.

Please call or email if you want to work together to rejuvenate your old computers?  You’ll be astonished at the results!


John Hechtman
“Computer help in NYC”
(Hell’s Kitchen, 46th St/9th Ave)
917 628 0192 – cellphone <—- primary
Skype name = jhecht410

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