2 great FREE films this Saturday in the East Village!

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Two remarkable films about the medical and industrial uses of hemp

Location: Jimmy’s 43 bar/restaurant at 43 East 7th St (just West of 2nd Ave)

Time: 1 pm Saturday, Oct 15, 2011

“When We Grow” is an amazing look at the 1,000’s of things you can do with hemp when you DON’T smoke it.  You can make food, fuel, beautiful fabrics, hempcrete – which is like concrete, but stronger, lighter, and greener.  You can also make paper – the Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper.  It’s also possible to make lightweight plastics that are stronger than steel.  Plus,hemp can be used to stop soil erosion, provide animal feed,and make rope – among other uses - too many to enumerate here.

“Run From The Cure” is the story of Rick Simpson, a Canadian farmer who grows medical marijuana, and gives it away for FREE!  He’s given it to many cancer patients who had been told they were terminal – beyond any hope, or possibility of treatment.  And many of the people he’s given his hemp oil to are still alive today – and credit their survival to Rick’s hemp oil…  Rick says, “If I’m a drug dealer, I must be the stupidest drug dealer in history, ’cause I don’t make any money at it.”  He just cures people.

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