Watch “Urban Roots” + 1 more on Saturday 1-Oct-2011 for FREE!

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Location:  Jimmy’s 43 bar/restaurant / 43 East 7th St, just West of 2nd Ave.

Time / date:  Saturday, 1-October-2011 / 2:00 PM start

The kind folks at Jimmy’s 43 are letting us have another screening on Saturday, 1-Oct-2011, at 2 pm.  We’ll be showing “Urban Roots” and another great film to be determined (perhaps by your vote).  More on that in a bit.

“Urban Roots” is one of the most hopeful documentaries I’ve ever seen!  It’s about people in Detroit taking over abandoned land and buildings, and creating organic farms on them.  Little liberated micro-farms that get community people involved, teach organic farming, and, BTW, grow great tasting organic food!  Some gets sold, some gets given away free to local people who want or need it.  It doesn’t hurt that the film has some wonderful Black music in the sound track either.

Here’s a link to the Urban Roots homepage where you can watch the trailer, get more info, and buy the DVD:

It’s not just a movie, it’s a movement.  One that needs to spread across America…  As we lose jobs and industries nationwide, people are going hungry, or eating junk food that makes them sick, weak, and stupid.  This film shows what people can (and are) doing to change that!

Here’s what Leonardo DiCaprio says about the film.  He’s a guy who might know a thing or two about good films (grin).

“Urban Roots is an inspiring film about the emergence of urban farming in Detroit; it shows what’s possible after the collapse of the industrial era and how we begin building a sustainable future for all.”

PLEASE COME!  And bring your friends!  This is a make-or-break screening for us at Jimmy’s 43.  The turnout for our first screening was tiny.  If we get a good crowd for this event, we can keep screening at J’s 43.  If not, we’re back on the street…

Now about that voting I mentioned earlier.  Please give us feedback on which film you’d like as the second feature?  We can play any film that is available on the internet, or that people bring on a DVD.  I have (legal) techniques for downloading anything that can be viewed online.  Plus, I’m happy to show them to anyone who wants to learn how.

My personal vote would be for “When We Grow” – a documentary on the thousands of uses for industrial hemp.  Hemp is a fantastic plant that can be used for food, fuel, medicine, clothing, paper, and hempcrete – a new building material that is stronger, lighter, and less polluting then ordinary concrete.  It can also be made into a high grade plastic that is stronger than steel.  Did you know that the Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper?

You can watch “When We Grow” online for free.  Here’s the link:

We’re trying to have a ‘theme’ for each screening, and combining “Urban Roots” with “When We Grow” gives us where you can grow stuff, and what (among other things) you could grow there – if our laws were made rational.

FWIW, industrial hemp has essentially zero THC content, so you couldn’t get high from it, even if you smoked a pound!  Yet ALL hemp is illegal in the USA, and hemp products must be imported, costing us millions of dollars a year in lost revenue and taxes.  Why are the laws so repressive? Look to Big Timber and Big Cotton lobbies for the answer…

“When We Grow” is my personal choice, but we’ll go with whatever the majority want.

Please vote/RSVP?  It would be great to know how many people are coming.

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