Political Rant – Boycott BP!

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Here’s a link to what the BP oil spill is really costing. It’s from CBS, so I’d say it errs as being too conservative…


Do all of you want to do something really effective? A LOT more effective then
signing petitions, or calling you Congresscritter! BOYCOTT BP! And also BOYCOTT BP AFFILIATED COMPANIES!

Your vote and mine don’t mean s**t in terms of real power. Few actions that we can take do…

But money – that’s what these sociopathic corporatists pay attention to. Money! That’s all they look at – how much money can we make (steal)? When we hit them in the wallet, that’s when they will start to pay attention…

So don’t buy BP gas for your car. Find out where your heating oil comes from, and if it’s BP, just switch to another oil company.

A boycott is a legal, free, nonviolent method of making our voices heard – in the only way that counts – economically!

What a concept, using the (somewhat) free choice of a capitalist market, to punish those companies who abuse the market, and their customers on a global basis. And this oil spill WILL have global consequences. Drastic and tragic ones…

Anyone want to join me in starting a website called www.boycottbp.com? Oops better check on that asap! (grin) Darn, too late!

And PS – please pass this blog post on to as many people as you can. Let it go viral…

UPDATE – courtesy of reader Sharloch at Alternet, here’s a way to find out what companies are BP affiliates.

“Most BP subsidiaries can be recognised by the BP or Amoco name although others include The Standard Oil Co. Inc and more obscure examples such as Grangemouth Polypropylene Ltd. Wholly owned UK subsidiaries are suffixed by the letters Ltd (Limited Liability Company) and most US subsidiaries by the letters Inc. (Incorporated). A full list of subsidiaries can be found in Who owns Whom (vol.1 – UK & Ireland) available in the UK at most major libraries.”

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