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I am a member of the Coffee Party – “Wake up and stand up!” Recently a poll was emailed to CP members, asking a yes/no vote on these two issues:

Should the Coffee Party focus on the role of Money in Politics?
Should the Coffee Party focus on reforming Wall Street to be more accountable to Main Street?

Of course both of these are important, even critical issues. But I wrote the following as a comment on the above:

Both of these issues are important, because as long as the moneyed interests/Big Biz control both the Republicans and Democrats, we will never get meaningful legislation to do much of anything.

However, ALL other issues pale when compared with global warming, aka catastrophic climate change! We have about a 10 year window to reverse the current trends. After that, we face the very real possibility of making the Earth uninhabitable, not only for humans, but for almost all living creatures.

GW is so big an issue, so abstract, that it’s hard to get people focused on what can be done. But local actions can make a tremendous difference. Recent studies have shown that a significant reduction in GW can be made by simply painting all the roofs in the world WHITE! The white paint reflects the Sun’s heat back up, just as polar ice does. Save the world (or help) with a coat of paint…

Here in NYC, there are many miles of flat roofs – just as there are in every major US city. What if all those (white) roofs had a roof garden, a solar cell array, and a vertical windmill? Imagine the change in air quality from miles of vegetation – go up on your roof, and pick some veggies for a salad. Reduce the demand for oil based electrical power by having each building generate part of its needed electricity.

Tax breaks for white roofs/roof gardens/PV arrays/windmills could create millions of new jobs that can NEVER be outsourced, as they must be done locally. The work is relatively simple, millions of people could be removed from the unemployment lines by giving them basic training. Using a paint brush is not rocket science. Erecting pre-fab windmills can be done easily, and how much expertise is needed to carpenter up soil beds for plants?

The reason these things are not being done more widely, is that there is no focus on them as a political agenda – and where there is, it is opposed by the entrenched money-blocs. But these could be key issues if they are approached correctly. Save the world, save the failing US economy, and while doing so, save/create a job for yourself, all at the same time.

If the Coffee Party made these relatively simple tasks a national priority, it might have an exponential effect. They are all non-partisan, logical, effective, and have an immediate positive effect, wherever they are implemented. They would also contribute greatly to the clout and credibility of the Coffee Party.

I urge everyone who gets this email to not only join the Coffee Party (it’s free), but also to advocate that these actions be taken, on a national, (and global), basis. You can start by forwarding this email to all your socially concerned friends.

Change never comes from the top down. It grows like a tree, from the roots up. We are the roots…


John Hechtman


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