Techy Tip – Vista vs. Win7?

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Far too many people are currently suffering with that misbegotten excuse for an operating system known as Vista.  Up until recently, your only option was to endure the pain, or ‘downgrade’ to WinXP.

With the release of Win7, and good reports coming in about its performance, end users (EUs) now have a new option.  Yes, Win7 really is better than Vista (hey, that’s not hard).  There are however, still several things to consider:

1 – You absolutely MUST back up EVERYTHING you value from your computer before doing either an upgrade or a ‘clean install’ !

2 – Upgrades are never as stable or robust as a ‘clean install’ – which means to wipe your hard drive squeaky clean, and install Win7, followed by drivers, productivity software, and your data.  Tedious, but worthwhile…

3 – No matter what Micro$oft says, you’ll likely need more RAM – with 3 GB being tossed around as a happy balance between price and power.  Problem is, not all computers will accept that amount of memory.   The official M$ figure is 1 GB of RAM – which is only true if you like using a cyber-snail…  Some reports are now coming in of adequate performance using only 2 GB of RAM – but more is always better.

4 – I did mention drivers, right?  Be sure you can get valid Win7 drivers for all your peripherals before you try to upgrade.   Sound, video, Ethernet, printers, cameras, etc.

Bottom line?  If you have a computer running Vista, and you can pump the RAM up to 3 GB, go for Win7.  If you can only install 2 GB or less, revert to WinXP.  Be patient, organized, and attentive when doing your upgrade or install.  Make notes as you go along – it pays off big time!

My new blog…

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Hi all – I’ve decided to start a blog for many of the usual reasons.  To improve my website’s search rank, to offer techy tips, to vent at the political madness that is occurring globally, to display some of my own writing, and to encourage contact and feedback from old friends and new.

Oops, there’s one more reason I started the blog – so people could ask me questions!  If you’ve got any reasonable question, technical, political, anything, I’ll try and answer it in as timely a manner as I can.  All bets are off when I get busy…

I hope that this collection of tips, tricks, rants, and art will be interesting and educational for all who visit.  Enjoy!

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