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Welcome to Zen Arrow Products home page
Hello, I'm John Hechtman, a computer and audio tech, also an audio engineer,
author, and amateur inventor.  I can work with you locally in NYC or NNJ, and also
do screen sharing support anywhere in the world.   This site gives information
about my services, some of my writing, and inventions I'd like to market.

These days I mostly do computers, specializing in end user, and small business
support.  I service Windows, Macintosh, Atari, and
some Linux computers.  

Please call for a
FREE consultation.  No cost or obligation - 1 212 586 4633.

What do I do with computers?  Almost everything you
can do with them and the
people who use them.  I help people buy the right computer, set it up for them, and
show them how to use it effectively.  

I fix old (or new) computers, back up complete systems, not just the data, wire
installations, train users, and (very unusual) document my work.  That's mostly not
done in IT, but it should be...

For super-low rates, please call 1 212 586 4633, aand leave a message with your
contact information  especially your phone numbers!

My fees are
1/3 the cost of Geek Squad, Fire Dog, Computer Geeks, and others!

I also do tutoring and consulting for audio work, technical writing, sound recording
/ production, audio studio design, and audio maintenance.

For those I've served through referrals from other companies - I'd love to help you
again, but I
cannot  bypass the company that put me in touch with you.  So if you
met me through OnForce, or some other company, you
must book me through the
original referring company.  

The only exception to this is for customers from any company that has gone out of
business.  All customers from companies that are OOB can now work directly with
me, along with those people who met me personally.  Thanks for understanding!

The easiest way for me to help you is by screen-sharing.  And the easiest (and
safest) way to do that is with a screen-sharing website called 'Screenleap.'  Just go
to and mouseclick to allow sharing.

Tech Support Guy hosts a FREE forum you can ask computer questions in.  Just
click on the TSG logo at the top of this page.  They are some very helpful people!

You can see my resume at:

My book on wiring/building audio recording studios was published recently  by
Focal Press
.  The book (called "Audio Wiring Guide") shows you exactly how to
wire all popular  audio connectors in clear color pictures, with lucid, enjoyable
instructions.  The book is now in stores globally!  Do a Google search with the
book's title, and my name - 'Audio Wiring Guide John Hechtman' - and you'll find
where to buy it locally.  Very exciting!   Check out the rave reviews on Amazon!  
You can even read part of the book there.

I also wrote a children's book called "The Princess & The Troll".  I printed a short
run of it as a demo, and am looking for a distributor/publisher.  I'll send a copy of
the book to any company that's interested, and only ask that it either be purchased
or returned   Part of it is at:

I have several inventions.  If you're interested in marketing them with me, please
send me your email address, and some information about yourself.  I'll email you a
non-disclosure form, and instructions.  Return it to me, and we can talk.

Since this webpage is not interactive, I've started a blog, so people can leave
comments, read techy tips I'll post, and explore some of my own creative work.  The
blog is at:

Contact Information
Email :

1 212 586 4633  - ofc
1 917 628 0192 - cell

Snailmail :
John Hechtman
410 West 46th St / #3C
New York, NY 10036

The beautiful pictures below were published by the Northland Poster Collective.
They express, better than any words, my own personal and political beliefs...

Sadly, the NPC is now gone, but contributors like Ricardo Levins Morales continue
to create wonderful art with social relevance.

Information about Ricardo Levins Morales can be found at the following URL:

Would you like news you won't find in mainstream media?  Important news, about
events that affect all of us, and the Earth itself!  

Join my distribution list, and get irregular but frequent updates on world events,
actions you can take, and resources that are helpful for people interested in
creating a sustainable world...  The opposite of sustainability is extinction!

Send an email to me and ask to be added to my distribution list:    

April 2011 - update

Are you interested in media that actually tells the truth about the Earth and our
impact on it?  I have recently started a pro bono (no admission fee) media project to
showcase videos and films of outstanding quality - that are never seen in the  
mainstream media.  When we screen, you can see powerful, accurate reportage and
documentaries - all for free!  

It's called M.O.R.E. – The (M)edia (O)ut (R)each (E)ffort.


To create public, no fee screenings of outstanding documentary films and videos.  
The media we’ll present is widely acclaimed, often award-winning, and always both
enjoyable and educational.

Our focus will be on media that exposes the connections between (and among)
polluting energy systems, global warming, environmental destruction, economic
disruption, food and water shortages, political instability, and the myriad of other
problems we are collectively endangered by.

Our goal is to shine a bright light of clear truth on the problems we all face. To cut
through the smoke-and-mirrors of mass media.  The dozens of superb videos/films
that are presentable, do this with clarity, grace, humor, and passion.  

Watching them may change your life - they changed ours, made us want to focus
on showing them to other people on a pro bono basis.  The truths displayed are so
vivid, so inescapable, that they will have a profound effect on viewers, just as they
did on us.  At least that is our hope...  

As The X Files TV show said, "The truth is out there."  Only it is buried, hidden,
unless one knows where to look for it.  Most people do not.  Will you help us show

To support M.O.R.E. click
Tech Support Guy